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The Edge Of The World

Very Interesting look into

This documentary outlines the suspicious history of the continent, geographical inconsistencies, and unexplained anomalies discovered through satellite imagery. The evidence seems to suggest that the region was more tropical at one time, and could hold meaningful clues as to our ancient existence on this planet. The filmmakers defend this assertion by illustrating the discovery of man-made artifacts by early explorers, areas where vegetation is thought to have once thrived, and large quantities of exotic life buried miles underneath the frozen surface.

Much of the film's narrative revolves around the formidable presence of international military forces on the continent, including those of the United States, Britain, Russia, and even during World War II. History shows us that the continent is of tremendous strategic value to military interests. Rumours persist that secret bunkers may have existed there in years past, and that they might have even sheltered Hitler in the aftermath of the war.


Source: The Real Secrets Hidden In Antarctica Revealed – Truthstream Media



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