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What was Hitler's “wonder weapons”? Why was ‘Die Glocke' classified as “War Decisive”? What was the German version of Area 51 – the Kammlerstab – up to? Why was General Kammler so unknown despite being the third most powerful in the Nazi hierarchy? Dr. Farrell visits the forum and teaches us about the emergence and ideology of the Reich, the infighting among their leaders, shady conducts during their time, and how they used this to get key personnel a free ratline exit out of the sinking ship that was Germany, and how essential all this was for the setup of a postwar extraterritorial Fourth Reich… And Dr. Farrell makes a confession!

How was the Third Reich connected to , flying discs, & ? Where did the Nazi Bell disappear to? How is the mystery connected to ? Did the Kammler Stab survive? What's the significance of 1947? Is there any truth to the Nazi UFO's? Are they based upon mundane science or back-engineering? Who were the leading inventors? Dr. Farrell continues his report on these and related topics, as Mercury in relation to plasma & field propulsion technology – and many other obscurities… plus he talks about his new book (The Third Way), and we give a short obituary for George-Ann Hughes of the Byte Show.



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