Hitler’s Escape To Argentina – Part 1 and Part 2 – Harry Cooper | Forum Borealis

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Today Al is joined by , who has investigated the Hitler suicide myth for decades with cutting-edge primary research, indicating that Hitler and his inner circle survived and re-settled in South-America, as disclosed in his 3 books on the matter. In the first half, we converse about the escape, addressing such questions as: When did Hitler flee the bunker? How did they get away? What route was used? For how long was this planned? Who knew and was involved? Was it sanctioned by the Allies? What did exile-Germans know? And other relevant matters. We even learn that Eva Braun may have been alive as late as in 2012!

In this monumental historical scandal, FB continue to track Hitler's and Bormann's left-traces and exile in South-America, as Cooper in detail accounts for such questions as: What was Bormann's flight route? What was Hitler's flight route? Where did they live? Who knew? What were they up to after the war? When did they die? Why didn't CIA or Mossad go after them? What was Peron's role? How powerful did Bormann's Die Spinne get? Did Bormann betray Hitler and even the Nazi cause? Did Hitler and Braun have children? Is one of them Angela Merkel? What happened to the huge network of Nazi colonies in S-A? And we learn why “someone” cut the hands off Peron's corpse.



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