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Part One

A new “Hunting Bormann” episode where facts outplay fiction: Investigative journalist shares some of her research on the Spider, ODESSA, MI6, and all sorts of murky stuff in 's aftermath. In part 1 we look into such topics as how did the Brown Eminence get out of Berlin? Who helped him? Where did he go? How was Ian Fleming involved? What happened to Hess? What about Mengele, Barbie & other big shots? What was Churchill up to? Who was Christopher Creighton & what did he know? What was Op. ? What's the root to the Manhattan project? And hear Laurence's smoking gun to prove Bormann's escape.

Part Two

Laurence De Mello guides us further down the rabbit hole of post- history. Some topics touched: What did Hugh Thomas find regarding Bormann's dentistry? Why did TPTB move his corpse from Paraguay to Berlin? Can a gene test of Bormann's post-war daughter be attained? What route was his ratline and where did he move about? Did he ditch der führer? Why did General Colotto have meetings with Bormann in Plaza Hotel? Did the network control 750 global corporations? How much money was in play & what happened to it? Who controlled who? How is P2, CIA, and Gelli connected? What's the agenda of Bilderberg and EU? Hear how Demello tracked down Gestapo Muller.

Absolutely fascinating stuff, where the fictional world is actually the factual world. This lady is compulsive listening.



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