A Devil in Disguise

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Revealing the Cabal

A documentary series exposing the true agenda of and The Greater Project.

and The Greater Project revolves around the concept of expanding 's territory and sovereignty to encompass what is referred to as Greater . This plan, also known as the Zionist Plan for the Middle East, aims to reconfigure the geopolitical environment through the balkanisation of surrounding Arab states into smaller and weaker entities. The Greater Project, rooted in Zionist ideology, involves the Jewish settlement movement and the exclusion of Palestinians from , ultimately leading to the annexation of the West Bank and to .

's agenda, as outlined in the Greater Project, includes the strategic division and weakening of neighbouring Arab states to ensure Israeli regional superiority. This plan, attributed to Zionist factions within the Israeli government and military, seeks to create a larger extending from the Nile Valley to the Euphrates. The agenda involves exploiting the weaknesses of Arab countries, promoting fragmentation within the Arab world, and leveraging inter-Arab confrontations to benefit in the short term.

The Greater Project, deeply intertwined with Zionist aspirations, has been a contentious issue, particularly due to its implications for the Palestinian territories and the broader Middle East region. The project's expansionist goals and strategies have faced criticism for their impact on justice, equality, human rights, and the prospects for peace in the region. The concept of Greater has been a source of conflict and tension, especially concerning illegal settlement expansions, demographic shifts, and the challenges it poses to the two-state solution and peaceful coexistence in the region.

Source: A Devil in Disguise


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