September Clues | Simon Shack

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The classic Simon Shack documentary on 9/11 Media Fakery.

September Clues | Simon Shack

“The so-called ‘terror-attack’ of was nothing but a psy-op or, in other words, a gigantic make-believe simulation.”

It was pulled off with the active support of the mainstream news media – and their complicity continues to this day. The entire World Trade Centre complex – 9 buildings in all – was of course demolished (in bright daylight – hidden behind a smokescreen ) but what we saw on TV was nothing but a prefabricated ‘Hollywood’ movie.

No planes were involved (thus no passengers died) – and no people were killed in the (empty) . For the perpetrators to kill 3000 white collar workers in New York City would have been the silliest self-inflicted aggravation imaginable.

Now, all this may come as a shock to many people. However, the evidence is overwhelming and has been consolidated by the steady efforts of independent researchers from all over the world – who have nothing to gain from spreading false information.

Ultimately, it is up to every open-minded individual to look at the available evidence for him/herself. However, please keep in mind that most ‘ theories’ you may have bumped into (such as Michael Moore’s blockbuster Fahrenheit  and the internet blockbuster Loose Change) were created to uphold our illusion of living in a world graced with freedom of speech.


Listen to the brilliant ‘’ soundtrack.

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Source: The Social Service

Source: September Clues: The Central Role of the News Media on 9/11 

Source: SEPTEMBER CLUES – the soundtrack

Source: September Clues (Documentary)

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