Simon Shack: They Were Reading From a Script | The Clues Chronicle

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issue 1 : ‘'

issue 2 : ‘Clues Forum'

102 minutes.
It was all scripted.

: | Clues Forum

A fascinating discussion from 2015 on the podcast, discusses his 2008 film ‘', an excellent, heavily censored investigation into the media fakery on . A great insight into Shack's research, , production and mistakes. 

Simon and ‘Hoi' reveal how their investigations into began and what motivated them to help others cut through the using media . They explain the start of their journey together into the suppressed history of suppressed (and invented) current events. The two discuss their research and discoveries, censorship, creation of the ‘Clues Forum', and experience of infiltration, agents and shills.

“Imagery is the greatest deception tool for the liars.”

Created History

The last taboo of the operation: TV media fakery and fabricated imagery, ‘no planes', and evidence of simulated victims.

in The_Void

September Clues | Simon Shack

It was pulled off with the active support of the mainstream news media – and their complicity continues to this day.

September Clues Soundtrack | Simon Shack/ The Social Service

The brilliant, haunting soundtrack to ‘' is possibly the most overlooked gem in the Void. You'll laugh, you'll cry your eyes out and dance around the room.

September Clues Addendum | Simon Shack

Since initiating this body of research in 2007, we have pried open a true gold mine of new information about how military operations like work

Simon Shack – Discussing September Clues | The Paranormies

, creator of drops by for a livestream. Were there any real elements to this operation or was it entirely media fakery?

21 Years Later – Simon Shack on 9/11 and September Clues | Fakeologist

SHACK: The 911 event was a prefabricated movie screened on television.

September Clues – Extras | Simon Shack

The imagery was nothing but a Hollywood-style film production, complete with actors, staged ‘running crowds', 3D-compositing and special cinematic effects.

Sources and links

Clues Forum

Source: The Clues Chronicle issue 2 : Hi, ‘Clues Forum'

Source: ‎The Clues Chronicle: The Clues Chronicle issue 1 : Hi, ‘September Clues'


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