The 14 Books That The Vatican Removed From The Bible

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The truth behind what happened to the 14 books that removed from in 1694. Today, we take a look at why removed these 14 books from . is composed of lots of different books, such as , Numbers, and Deuteronomy. It's thought of as a holy, gospel truth by millions around the globe, written by Moses and others around 1000 BC.

Church or Roman catholic church has been associated with deception for ages. Their atrocities have ranged from genocide many centuries ago against the Cathars to child molestation is more recent years.

Interior of Secret Archives Documents from Vatican Secret Archives to go on show in ‘Lux in Arcana' exhibition at Capitoline Museums, , Italy – 22 Feb 2012 One hundred original documents from the secret Vatican archives are due to go on show as part of the ‘Lux in Arcana' exhibition at the Capitoline Museums in . The exhibition, which marks the 4th Centenary of the foundation of Secret Archives, aims to explain and describe what the Pope's archives are and how they work. At the same time it will provide access to some of the historical records, which cover a time-span from the 8th to the 20th century, that are kept in the Archives' 85 linear kilometers of shelving. The 100 documents, including manuscript codices, parchments, strings and registers, will remain at the Capitoline Museums for the length of the exhibition, which runs from 1st March till September 2012. The documents in Secret Archives are all owned by the current Pope, until his death, and the term ‘secret' refers not to the idea of confidentiality but to the fact the archives are the Pope's personal property.

was originally translated from Latin into English in 1611. This “original” Bible contained 80 books, including the Apocrypha, which means hidden.

These Apocrypha books made up the end of the Old Testament. Later in 1684, all of these books were removed from and all of its various versions. The only one left intact was the 1611 edition.

One of the most interesting books of the removed was the “Wisdom of Solomon”. Solomon is one of the most legendary biblical figures from , as he was the son of David and the wisest man that ever lived.

It should be noted that Solomon was largely involved in . Much of the knowledge and teachings that  preached about were based on the Lesser Keys of Solomon.

It is also worth mentioning that the Temple of Solomon is considered the spiritual birthplace of , which is a secret society of sorts that has been responsible for much of the corruption taking place in our world today.



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