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Ben Garrison |

The Fascists Take Control of all Neurological Pathways.

They own what you think

The President must not be allowed to speak to the people. A similar thing happened during the French Revolution to Maximilien Robespierre, back then they shot him in the mouth. It is perceivable that this bloody period in western history could repeat itself in the present day.

Never have we felt more pessimistic about the future than we do today. The set-up and vilification of the greatest President in living memory has been nothing short of evil. It's almost as though Satan has won and now controls the world.

silences the sitting President of The United States of America

 The Fact Checkers

These Oligarchs understand how social media has become essential for many aspects of daily life and it's that crucial element they'll exploit to moderate and control us.

The Chinese social credit system has given these elites so many ideas and insights into how easy it is to remove peoples hope and destroy resistance. Banking will be the next stop for these power mad castigators, after that we'll all have the same rights as lab rats.

Statement by Parler CEO, John Matze

I know many people are still hanging on to the hope of a last minute reprieve from the madness, but we have to recognise the peril we face and organise. We have to find alternative ways to communicate, because I can't see the likes of Parler lasting much longer now that they're firmly in the sights of the globalist tech .

These are crucial days for the survival of freedom loving people.

We have to stay in touch.

“Globalist Coup underway.”


Dystopian Future

I wonder if Orwell ever really believed that ‘thought crime' could happen in western democratic societies?

His dystopian vision has turned into the template of terror being waged on all conservative thinkers and non conformists. Philip K Dick got even closer with his visions of our dystopian future. Fahrenheit 451 by American writer Ray Bradbury nailed it.

  • Wealth has become power not .

  • A few people own the world.

  • This destruction was planned


Many literary greats have painted nightmarish visions of the future.

None of them thought they would come true. Almost all thought human progression was inexorable and unstoppable. How wrong they were. Our demise has been simple; Turn us all against each other and control the survivors. The untouchables can never be got at. Fuckerberg and Bezos both employ private armies full highly trained special forces. They live in impenetrable facilities, often on islands, always behind the highest security it's possible to achieve. ‘The secret rulers of the world.'

has crossed universal law”

People are silenced when power fears what they say. It has been the same with tyrannies throughout history, If they can control what you say then they can control what you think. They can make you believe a man with a beard is a child. A woman is a man. Good people are evil. Corrupt people have your best interests at heart. That the greedy are philanthropists. It's a simulation. A false paradigm. A conjuring trick. And it works all too often. Zuckerberg and Dorsey are not good people who care about humanity, they're super rich elites who have no other compunction than to save everything for themselves.

Who is Next?

It seems we are entering another dark period in human history.

As we write we no longer know how long our newsfeed will be available – surely its only a matter of time until they come for us like they're coming for everyone else. We sometimes wonder if they'll come for us personally. We wonder if they'll come for our families. All we know is that we will go down still defying these horrendous fascists. They must lose in the end, surely and if they do their puppets will be abandoned faster than a contaminated face mask.

The speed with which people are being disappeared and silenced is breathtaking.

This kind of super-fast response only comes after months of planning. It is our belief that we are at the precipice. Looking down into the void. Teetering on the edge of the abyss.

sold us a product that was free, but nothing in this life is free. We forgot the age old lesson. Never accept the devils coin.



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