Parallel Worlds and Quantum Field Fluctuations in NHS Hospitals | Investigation

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The Holographic Universe

once existed only in the minds of physicists.

As the Coronadrama gaslighting goes into hyperdrive in the UK, intrepid citizens are reaching for their smart phones and posting videos on social media that appear to contradict the mainstream narrative of a health service ‘at breaking point'.

State ‘News' and state proxy ‘news' services are reporting that “the pandemic is raging” and that hospitals are facing a “tsunami” of Covid cases with the nation “back in the eye of the storm” but videos circling online present a very different picture.

So what on earth is going on?


One Twitter account, ‘NHS Million‘, posted a tweet today stating that a so called ‘Covid hoax conspiracy' is gaining prominence and assured the public that “ambulances queuing outside of hospitals are very very real.”

The Many-Worlds Interpretation

Galvanising the , corporate news outlets and retweeted by many, are what can only be described as ‘activist doctors' who also insist that hospitals are being overwhelmed.

One Covidian spook, retweeted by many, is David Oliver, who insists that he is treating hundreds of people in “pretty full” wards, yet oddly presented photographs of empty corridors to prove this point.

Deleted Tweet:
We didn't get a response.

The Universal Force of Repulsion

Fanatical activist, Rachel Clarke, aka @doctor_oxford, also makes repeated claims of “Hospitals at breaking point.”

The Heterotic Principle

The is relentless, insidious and all pervasive, permeating through every aspect of people's lives, with around the clock news coverage and psychic driving. Psychologically attacked Brits can't get away from the constant barrage and the disaster crisis narrative has even been written into state TV drama, Casualty, applauded here by another NHSS, zealot, Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden.

Protected Tweet:
COVID SpecialBBC Casualty Fear Factory – Aired 2 Jan 2021

‘DEVASTATING' Casualty fans in tears over heartbreaking coronavirus episode that showed devastating reality of pandemic” – The Sun

(It's worth mentioning that production for an episode of ‘Casualty' will have begun around 3 months before going to air.)

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

“Trust us, everything we say is true” is the mantra of all these fictional characters. They want you to believe there's a viral pandemic decimating society. A pandemic so deadly that you need hourly reminders of how devastatingly deadly it actually is. It does pose the question, what if you don't tune-in? Is it real? Does it even exist? How would you know?

Breaking Point

The ongoing crisis narrative reached truly appalling levels last week when UK State News interviewed Prof Hugh Montgomery, who said,

“People who do not follow social distancing rules or wear masks have blood on their hands.”


“We are in a lot of trouble in UK intensive care now.”

An interesting side-note here is that Professor Montgomery formed a medical supplies company called Panthair Ltd, in January 2020.

Professor Hugh Montgomery says hospitals are facing a “tsunami” of Covid cases.

Objects Without Mass

Yet all of this narrative runs contrary to what many people are experiencing. Seeing this disparity frustrated citizens are taking matters into their own hands and filming their own observations.

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

On visiting Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, one such citizen, , decided that she wanted to show how ‘dead' it was and started recording herself walking around the hospital, narrating her thoughts as she went.

“We've just been locked down in Gloucestershire into Tier 3, for this? For an empty hospital, look at it, this is a disgrace.”

Debbie goes on,

“To be honest I didn't expect it to be this quiet, I expected a few more people to be around.”

Watch Debbie's full, unedited video here.

Banned from the NHSS

Following on from posting the video on social media, Gloucestershire Constabulary officers arrested Debbie in her own home on Tuesday 29 December, on suspicion of a  ‘public order offence'.

According to the local news site, Gloucestershire Live, “Debbie has been bailed to return to Gloucester station on 21 January, on the condition that she does not enter any facility except for a health emergency or appointment.”

The Standard Model

Patient Protect UK posted the shocking arrest of Mrs Hicks:

At what other point in history has anyone ever been arrested for filming in a hospital?

The Quantum Behaviour of Black Holes

Unperturbed by her traumatic experience, Debbie has since uploaded a summary of her arrest and subsequent incarceration at the hands of Gloucester . In a short video statement, Debbie says,

“Two young male officers barged into my home without a warrant and demanded to speak to me and demanding that I got out of bed.”

Debbie goes on,

“I got out of bed, made my way down the stairs and the younger male officer moved towards me, he said I was under arrest and he slapped handcuffs on me by twisting my hands behind my back. It was at this point that we demanded that I be allowed to get dressed.”

She continues,

“Bear in mind this is Christmas. This is in a family home. And my son was witness to all of this. He was absolutely terrified of what was happening to his mother in his own home and I was very angry.”

Debbie then goes on to explain that she was taken to Gloucester station custody suit where she claims there was some serious breaches of procedure and protocol during her detention.

“I was held at Gloucestershire Constabulary office custody suit for an hour, I was held in the holding bay with handcuffs on behind my back before I was read the charge and that is a breach of procedure, as you're not supposed to be held that long with handcuffs on. When the handcuffs finally came off, after much protest from myself that they were hurting, my hands had swollen really badly, I showed them and they ignored me and I said that I needed medical attention.”

Debbie then explains that she was read out the charge of a ‘public order offence' for

“filming in a hospital and upsetting people.”

Continuing, Debbie states that after refusing to give her medical information she said that “she didn't understand the legal charge against her” that statement was then used to suggest that she was “mentally unfit” at which point she was informed she would need a ‘responsible adult' to come into the custody process with her. She goes on to say that the tried to get her husband to fulfil this role but he wasn't able to so they provided her with a person from the charity CCP (Not the Chinese Communist Party) and that what they participated in that day was disgusting.

“Clearly, there was a preemptive decision made to pass me off as someone with mental health issues.”

After all this, Debbie was held in the cell for hours having to ring the bell for attention. She was then informed that she would be interviewed. After requesting a solicitor Debbie was told the solicitor she suggested was unsuitable and then offered a duty solicitor to which she refused (knowing that they were notoriously friendly with the and not impartial). Despite this she was still interviewed and then denied a phone call after requesting one. At this point the went on to demand a DNA sample, which she again refused. Debbie was then told she would be pinned to the ground and her DNA would be forcibly taken. Bear in mind Debbie has no previous convictions or arrest record. Absolutely terrifying stuff.

When departing the station was told she'd been doxxed to the local press and that her address and details had been leaked online. The classic terror tactics of all tyrannical regimes.

Watch her extraordinary statement below.

More Fluctuations…

The can't arrest and intimidate everyone though and there are numerous videos that also appear to show a completely different story to corporate media and NHSS.

Croydon University Hospital

On 29th December 2020, My London reported that Croydon University Hospital is ‘very, very busy' as coronavirus cases surge”, yet Twitter user Tony contradicts this in his videos from the following day:

Massless Objects

The Ekpyrotic Theory

Princess Royal Hospital, Bromley

Deleted Tweet:

The Unified Field

Royal London Hospital

Deleted Tweet: 

Kerry General Hospital

Deleted Tweet:

The anthropic principle

If the situation in Hospitals around the country is so severe then it makes no sense whatsoever when the so called ‘Nightingale' Hospitals remain empty, as reported in both the Daily Mail and Express.

Telegraph journalist, Alison Pearson, asks the question,

“If the is really at threat of being overwhelmed, why have so many Nightingale hospitals been dismantled? What sense does that make?”

The mistake all totalitarian regimes make is hubristic acceleration. We don't notice generational shifts in our state institutions, but when that shift happens overnight, we remember and our survival instinct kicks in.

UPDATE | Monday 11 January 2021


News shows to prove busy hospitals.

As reported in UK Column News on 11th January 2021, in order to counter claims made in this article and by others asking similar questions, the State News fear factory reported, 

“Because of the way healthcare trusts have reorganised hospitals, often separating Covid patients from others, and cancelling non-urgent care to free up capacity, some parts of hospital buildings will currently look empty.”

Strangely, the displays a picture of an empty hospital to show how busy the hospitals are and doesn't allow readers to watch any of the ‘misleading' videos they refer to, they only show screen-grabs and go as far as to blur out details so that the videos can't easily be found. Never fear, the videos featured are displayed above.

The do however allow readers to view a post by activist doctor Matthew Lee claiming to show “drunk people in huge groups shouting “Covid is a hoax” but as you can see for yourself, the video shows nothing of the sort.

Unlike State News, The_Void asks readers to make up their own minds.



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