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Fascism Wrapped Up in a Rainbow

Arrested for a Meme – Harry Miller – 24 Aug 2022 | Triggernometry

Harry Miller, of the Bad Law Project, gives Triggernometry the low-down on the police harassment of a UK army veteran for retweeting the LGBETC swastika.

Harry Miller is a former police officer and CEO of the Bad Law Project and Fair Cop, organisations that aim to depoliticise democratic institutions, and support those facing discrimination for their political beliefs.

Pointing out this hidden design feature will get you arrested by the busy UK police.

“Hurty words lead to violence which leads to murder which leads to genocide.”

Harry Miller refers to Allport’s Scale

Miller appeared on TRIGGERnometry in January 2020 after he was investigated by police over a meme that he’d posted on Twitter. The police officer told Miller, “I need to check your thinking.”

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On Twitter: @HarryTheOwl101 @BadLawTeam @WeAreFairCop

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Source: 50 Different LGBTQ Flags And Meanings Behind Them!

Source: Moment army veteran is arrested ‘for causing anxiety’ after retweeting meme of swastika made out of Pride flags

Source: How the woke left learned to love Big Brother

Source: Arrested for a Meme – Harry Miller – YouTube


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