The Offence

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The Offence is a British crime neo-noir drama film directed by , based upon the 1968 stage play This Story of Yours by John Hopkins. It stars as police detective Johnson, who kills suspected child molester Kenneth Baxter while interrogating him.

Detective-Sergeant Johnson has been a police officer for 20 years and is deeply affected by the murders, rapes, and other violent crimes he has investigated. He is plagued by images of violence and is losing his mind under the strain.

His anger surfaces while interrogating Kenneth Baxter, who is suspected of raping a young girl. By the end of the interrogation, Johnson has severely beaten Baxter who is then taken to the hospital where he later dies. Johnson is suspended for the beating and returns home for the night, getting into a violent argument with his wife Maureen. Two of Johnson’s colleagues come to inform him that Baxter died in hospital and that Johnson must come to the station right away.


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