The Quiller Memorandum

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Directed by Michael Anderson. With , , , . In the West Berlin of the 1960s, two British agents are killed by a Nazi group, prompting British Intelligence to dispatch agent Quiller to investigate.

A man walks along a deserted Berlin street at night and enters an internally lit phone box. He is shot dead by an unseen gunman. He is British secret agent Kenneth Lindsay Jones.

At lunch in an exclusive club in London, close to Buckingham Palace, the directors of an unnamed agency, Gibbs and Rushington, decide to send American agent Quiller to continue the assignment, which has now killed two agents. Quiller meets his controller for this mission, Pol, at Berlin’s Olympia Stadium, and learns that he must find the headquarters of Phoenix, a neo-Nazi organisation.

At the 1967 BAFTA Awards the film had nominations in the best Art Direction, Film Editing and Screenplay categories, but did not win. Harold Pinter was nominated for an Edgar Award in the Best Motion Picture category, but also didn’t win.

According to Fox records, the film needed to earn $2,600,000 in rentals to break even and made $2,575,000, meaning it initially showed a marginal loss, but subsequent television and home video sales moved it into the black.



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