The Kremlin Letter

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Directed by . With , , , . During the a Naval Intelligence officer endowed with a powerful photographic memory is transferred to the CIA to participate in a covert operation in Moscow.

Late in 1969, a brilliant young United States Navy intelligence officer, Charles Rone, finds his commission revoked so that he can be recruited into an espionage mission to retrieve a fake letter showing an alliance between the West and the Soviet Union against China.

Rone is told that the mission is being undertaken independently of governmental intelligence agencies, as was commonplace prior to World War II, when espionage operations were handled by a small community of agents operating on a freelance basis.

The Kremlin Letter is a American neo-noir DeLuxe Colour espionage thriller in Panavision directed by and starring , , , , Patrick O’Neal and . It was released in February by 20th Century-Fox.

The film shows its characters speaking Russian without the use of English subtitles by either having the characters speaking Russian while supplying simultaneous voiced-over English translation or else beginning such scenes in Russian and then segueing into English.


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