Unlawful Killing: The Murder of Princess Diana | Keith Allen

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A Documentary About The Allegedly Conspiratorial Killing of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed.

was not released in the UK, as director  refused to make the 87 changes insisted upon by lawyers attached to the project.

In English law, is a verdict that can be returned by an inquest in England and Wales when someone has been killed by one or more unknown persons. The verdict means that the killing was done without lawful excuse and in breach of criminal law. This includes murder, manslaughter, infanticide and causing death by dangerous driving. A verdict of generally leads to a police investigation, with the aim of gathering sufficient evidence to identify, charge and prosecute those responsible. The inquest does not normally name any individual person as responsible. The standard of proof is that the must be beyond a reasonable doubt. If this standard is not met, a verdict of accidental death or death by misadventure on the balance of probabilities may be returned.


The mystery surrounding the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi al-Fayed on August 31st 1997 has been revived recently by the claims of a British SAS sniper whose testimony was part of the trial of another SAS soldier who was convicted of illegal weapons possession.

Director: Keith Allen
Writers: Victor Lewis-SmithPaul Sparks


Source: Unlawful Killing: The Murder of Princess Diana (2011)

Source: Unlawful Killing (2011) – The Murder of Princess Diana

Source: Unlawful Killing: The Murder of Princess Dian

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