A Funny Thing Happened On The Road To Damascus

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The Long Travelled Road.

Close To The Edge

First of all, I would like to thank all the people who've ever called me a theorist. It's a real honour. Thank you.

How do people even become labelled theorists? It isn't even a derogatory term. Isn't extensive knowledge of a subject something to respect?

Jump Into The_Void

Some people call it the rabbit hole, some call it the . We call it the long travelled road. It's a journey of discovery and enlightenment. It's a mind map for those who instinctively know things are not right and that the world doesn't make any real sense. It's a commitment to understanding how things work and for whose benefit, and it will help you complete the greatest jigsaw puzzle life has ever assembled. There is absolutely nothing to fear about this journey or any of the obstacles along the way.


The First Conspiracy

A by the powerful to silence the truth.

Most researchers know the term ‘ theory' was invented by the CIA. This was in fact the first of the theory era.

Now it doesn't matter what controversial subject you look at, if you look at it for long enough you will find more contradictions than hard facts, more evasion than honesty. Every official story of relevance in modern human history is riddled with inconsistencies and out right lies. From to , the media in collusion with the deep state have covered up the truth and lied to us about almost everything. They've fed the public a narrative of propaganda and falsehoods about every subject that has had a direct effect on their lives. This has led to tragedies like the , medical murder on an industrial scale, stolen elections, distrust in all institutions and near societal collapse.

Sometimes the is small and part of a greater . Sometimes the is so big it becomes unimaginable and logically far fetched. Yet for everything we've ever learned in the quest for knowledge and truth one thing remains abundantly clear, all conspiracies consistently involve the most powerful people and forces on earth, and grow out of the most duplicitous secrecy and deliberately deceptive lies ever told. I often find the duplicity excruciatingly obvious when the same players constantly pop up whenever true evil is perpetrated. You know the names… We also know that all things are interconnected with all other things and every serious theory is based on good instincts, hard evidence and diligent research. A truth more and more people are waking up to.

“All the biggest things we know about historic events are almost by definition a lie.”

| The Delingpod – Jon Rappaport

Discover just one pack of lies by anyone who holds power and already you have been elevated to the level of theorist. The more subjects you investigate, the more truths you discover, the higher the level of label you'll receive. Eventually you'll officially be denounced as a highly dangerous, far-right, anti-science, extremist that shouldn't be heard and who must be cancelled immediately. A response that generally means you're right over the target. There literally can be no higher acknowledgement of your efforts or more rewarding an accolade from your foes.

The Tin Foil Hat Society.

The Researcher

A theorist is someone who's often spent thousands of hours researching the very thing they're being called a theorist for. So absolutely no irony there!

Most theorists experience something called an epiphany at some point during their research. A road to Damascus moment where everything suddenly makes total sense. We call this the fuck-me effect.

Unsound Argument

Logical Fallacies

The researcher experiences the Strawman argument and the ‘incredulity stance' as often as they have sex, so approximately around 5 – 6 times a day. To be fair, this does get rather boring and it's irrepressibly annoying having to constantly repeat obvious facts to intellectual inadequates, but this is all part of the journey and usually ends in the classic “Fuck off! You're a fucking idiot!” response.

Keepers of The Keys

The knowledge theorists hold is precious gold, like the sacred scrolls of the Library of Alexandria or the papyrus of the Nag Hammadi library. It's a wisdom that would be lost forever if the evil ones ever win.

Locked Doors

Some of the most well known theories are of course just that, conspiracies. Conspiracies of silence by the powerful to keep the truth from the public.

Seriously. Who really believes we landed an untested tinfoil spaceship on the extremely hot and cold (+250c to -250c) Moon…

The Hit Parade

Operation Northwoods

Would the US government actually blow up an American passenger plane just so they could blame it on Justin Trudeau's dad and start a war? They almost certainly would have done if hadn't been the President at the time… at the very least, several top generals and the CIA dreamt up a plot to murder American citizens under pretext of starting an illegal war and they laid out those plans in the most intricate detail for the President to approve. It gets worse.


The original theory. Grassy Knolls, The Patsy. Multiple shooters. Multiple suspects. Multiple theories. The only real questions left are who ordered it and why?

The Moon Landings

Dedicate 24 hours of your life to this subject and you will be a theorist. The whole thing is so ludicrous that 53 years later no one can prove any of it.

The Gulf of Tonkin

Did the US government really set up a false flag attack on their own battleship just so they could start a war with an easy target and show the Russians that they could also be as dangerously reckless as they assumed the Kremlin to be? You bet they did!


Introducing Dr. Anthony Fauci and , the ‘wonder drug' that killed more people than it saved.

During the USMS reconnoiter of the Weaver property, six U.S. Marshals encountered Kevin Harris and Randy Weaver's 14-year-old son, Sammy, in woods near the family cabin. A shootoutook place. Deputy U.S. Marshal William Francis Degan, Sammy Weaver, and the Weavers' dog, Striker, all died as a result. In the subsequent siege of the Weaver residence, led by the FBI, Weaver's wife Vicki was killed by FBI sniper fire. All casualties occurred in the first two days of the operation. The siege and standoff were ultimately resolved by civilian negotiators. Harris surrendered and was arrested on August 30, while Weaver and his three daughters surrendered the next day.

Ruby Ridge

The brutal murder of a mother holding her child and her son (shot in the back along with the family dog) all instigated by USMS kill squads and FBI assassins. This law enforcement atrocity led to Waco and the Oklahoma bombing – and was all done on Mena cocaine importer, Bill Clinton's watch. One of the clearest early signs of the pernicious deep state, black budgets, corrupt government, corrupt law enforcement and a corrupt judiciary, America was ever given. As usual, they all got away with it. Explore The_Void's archive on this stain on the civilised world.

Where is the illusive Fiat Uno driver? Oh, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head, twice.

Princess Diana

More difficult to absolutely prove this one, because no one does cover-ups like the British establishment. But instinct and logic leads to only one conclusion. The Princess was murdered by the state. A clear message was sent to all. Fuck with us and you die! It doesn't matter who you are or where you are. We will get you.

Road Runner.


Nothing needs to be said on this. Definitely an inside job. Proven beyond all reasonable doubt.

Evening Standard Front Page 24/09/2002


The dictators new clothes hidden in Plato's cave. A conjuring trick by psychopaths and evil killers. A satanic bloodletting. A war crime that's gone unpunished. A curse on the civilised world.

War For Oil

Death for profit. Joy for the elite. The destruction and looting of Libya and Syria. Absolute carnage without any questions or protests. The Psychopaths dream scenario.

The New World Order

The best of the lot, anyone who's ever touched this subject is a grade one theorist and completely irredeemable. A secret cabal of super-rich satanic paedophiles led by the Rothschilds and the Rockefeller's rule the entire planet… what utter nonsense! Nope, all true and far far worse.


The media went into absolute overdrive on this, telling the public how it was all a very dangerous theory and to ignore it, but when you looked deeper you soon began to realise this was as dark and as sinister as it gets and almost certainly all true. A real revelation as to how evil these monsters actually are.


It's all laid out in stone on the . It's basically an agenda to reduce the human population on earth to 500,000,000 easily controlled sheeple. see it as their end game. Where they get to live happily ever after.

Agenda 21 to Agenda 2030

Pretty simple. A plan to kill all the useless eaters as quickly as possible without getting caught.

Germs and Viruses

Never been proven to exist.


Also never been proven to exist and the biggest red pill ever.

The entire team at The_Void still doesn't know anyone who knows anyone who's died of Covid. How about you?

The Great Reset and The Fourth Industrial Revolution

One world government. No elections. No cash. No property. No car. No travel. No privacy. Constantly monitored and assessed. Life inside the jar. You'll have fuck all to live for but you'll be happy!

Transhumanist Future

Clones, robots, cyborgs, avatars, AI, neurolink. It all equals human 2.0 or no humans at all. And anyway, it's not even a theory. It's armageddon!

The Last Word

This out of the box philosophical proposition proposed by Neil Kramer will take you on the most amazing journey of discovery in your life. All you have to do is give it serious consideration. Can you…

The Last Pioneers

If evil wins, theorists might be last ever humans to even have an inkling of the truth. The future depends on tin foil supplies. Look around you at all the NPC's and demented freaks… the lights are on but there's no one home.

Read The Signs.

Lucky Dip

Whatever major event in human history you research, you will find that it's based on a pack of lies and false data. From CGI images of planets to cartoons of microscopic viruses, nothing you're looking at or seeing is actually real. It's all an illusion created by the forces of darkness and demonic wizards. The earth isn't what you've been told it is. Science isn't scientifically based. Health services kill more of you than they save and the food you eat is poisoned. Your reality is a carefully constructed and controlled environment of constant fear, continuity gaps and impenetrable black holes. History is whatever the elites have decided tell you it is. Almost all the things that you get taught in school, college, or university that are facts are deliberate fabrications embedded in your mind to keep you confused, but you know what? It really doesn't matter anymore.

A funny thing happened on the road to Damascus… Everything those theorists said, turned out to be true.


Who Pays The Sandman


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