Looking Glass Predicts The End of The Cabal | Inspired

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The Great Awakening is Here.

INSIDER: They Panicked When They Saw The Future – 2012 | Inspired

Recorded in 2012, ex-US Navy Seal, , outlines we see happening around the planet today.

It's the end of their world. Amen.

Check Mate

Their game is over. Their time is up. 

“The awakening process is an evolution of consciousness that cannot, will not… no matter what decisions or possibilities are injected into the equation, eventually it all resolves down to us all learning the truth and becoming aware of this massive dam of lies that has been built that keep us from knowing massive volume of information that we should otherwise possess.”

– Ex-US Navy Seal

“What we believe to be true comes true.”

From an interview with ex-Navy Seal

During the years 1992-2000 was sent on top secret bombing missions in the Middle East, predominantly in Iraq. Years after the first Gulf War when we were supposedly not at war with Iraq yet he and Seal Team 9 were targeting Tomahawk Missiles on a monthly basis taking out targets that were increasingly “soft”… involving deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians. Find out how this highly trained young man and his team were coerced by the into purposely destroying villages and creating future terrorists as part of a plan that would ultimately serve their dark purpose, the war on terror and 911.

And if that weren't enough, hear how he was trained in Area 51 as a specially gifted group of highly classified psi spies to see beyond the famous into the future involving 2012 and beyond.

It's game over for … it almost sounds too good to be true, but it has to be that the great game, good vs evil, dark vs light ends one or another and pretty soon.


Sources and links:

Project Camelot: http://projectcamelot.org

Source: MILITARY INSIDER: They Panicked When They Saw The Future

Full interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtHCofbE1PM&t=0s


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