Bill Gates: The Sordid History of a Psychopath

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The Banned Documentary |

An in depth look at and his criminal empire.

Bill Gates, the mega-rich founder of , can be defined as a classic psychopath. Following in the jackbooted steps of his father, William Gates Sr., Bill Gates has been a long-time proponent of Gates Sr. has long-time ties to outspoken eugenicist , as well as (which was founded by a member of the American Society).

Here we see how he built his empire on the backs of the vulnerable and other pioneers.

is either the most misunderstood man alive or one of the most convincing conmen to ever live. Is he a benevolent hero or a malevolent opportunist?”

For years this revealing short documentary was removed from the internet, nowhere to be found. seemed to have destroyed it entirely… untill it suddenly resurfaced in 2021! Immediately it went viral and is now present on all the free speech platforms.


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Source: Bill Gates – The Banned Video



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