COVID-19: The Production | Investigation

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You Are Now Entering The Twilight Zone

There has never been a better time for anonymous, out of work actors, as the COVID pandemic goes into full-on production.

With the fake-stream media running low on none-vaccinated deaths, they are back to their old tricks faking news for their fake pandemic.

As with our previous investigation into the empty hospitals debacle, The_Void returns with a look at the bad actors playing fake patients, and ‘cleaners' in hazmat suits creating panic and confusion for public consumption. Meanwhile in our underwhelmed hospitals, the glorious will do anything for Bill Gates.

“Lights. Camera. Bullshit!”

Unreality TV

STAGED PHOTO'S Covid Cleaner Caught On Camera | Hugo Talks

Bad Actors

Godfrey Bloom isn't convinced.

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Modus Operandi

The end game seems to be, to reduce the number of unvaccinated to such low levels that they can be justifiably imprisoned and forcibly injected. As always, fear is the chosen method of all tyrannical regimes.

We see the the same strategy employed worldwide by and its corporate henchmen.

‘Bullshit' | Bob Moran makes his thoughts on the matter quite clear.

Shocking and NHS Uncovered | Towny

An excellent, well researched exposé via Towny on Twitter.

“It's almost too bonkers to comprehend.”

Towny on Twitter

“Someone should probably refer this matter to the 's disinformation unit 💥”

Towny on Twitter.

Covid Man Is Actor! Yet Another Actor! | Hugo Talks

Is she an Actress Hired by Facebook? – Bazza Investigates | Inspector Norf

The News Media is the New Schutzstaffel.

To many of us it seems extraordinary that these tactics are still in play and pumped through every approved news channel worldwide. Whoever is pulling the strings of this grand deception, it would appear they have limitless power and limitless bad intentions.



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