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The Picture That Fooled The World

A revealing exposé on one of the greatest deceptions of all time – a western operation which helped to pave the way for and 's illegal bombing of Yugoslavia and the country's subsequent break-up.

In August 1992, millions of people were shocked to see photographs of a supposed Bosnian Serb death camp. The photos were produced by ITN, the British TV news giant, from footage shot by an ITN film crew which spent a long day in Bosnia. The film was shot in a refugee center in the town of Trnopolje. (Pronounced Tern-op-ol-yay) Most of the photographs featured a tall, emaciated man with a deformed chest, stripped to the waist, apparently imprisoned behind barbed wire. Do you remember those pictures? They were a hoax.

This is proved in the Emperor's Clothes movie, Judgment! To start with, the barbed wire was staged. As you will see in Judgment!, the ITN film crew went inside a storage area surrounded by a chicken wire and barbed wire fence. They filmed through the fence, thus creating the false impression that the people they were filming were fenced in.

That was only their first cute trick. Step by step, Judgment! shows how these phony pictures were created. Judgment! is so damning that ITN's lawyers have threatened the Internet company that hosts the Emperor's Clothes server with a law suit because they advertise the film on the website, www.tenc.net

The fabricated photos were broadcast worldwide starting on August 6th, accompanied by captions and comments comparing Trnopolje to Nazi death camps.

In an article first published on the Emperor's New Clothes in 2004, Jared Israel looks at one notorious episode of media deception from the 1990s. Despite a successful libel suit in 2000 the fact remains that British news outlet ITN produced images that grossly distorted reality and were widely used in a highly misleading way to promote “humanitarian” intervention in the Yugoslav war. We are publishing this here today because of how closely it seems to foreshadow the current, maybe even more deceptive, campaign to promote fresh and potentially apocalyptic western intervention in Syria. Compare article discussed below with this and this and this appearing in the same publication in just the last two days. (Source: Off Guardian)

“As co-chair of Milosevic's defense committee, the ICDSM, I was present when Milosevic's so-called trial began in 2002 at The Hague. On February 13, during his opening statement, Hague ‘prosecutor' Geoffrey Nice showed a film clip, seemingly depicting Bosnian Muslims imprisoned behind barbed wire in a place called Trnopolje [pronounced turn-OP-ul-yay]. Nice claimed Serbian administrators executed 250 at Trnopolje (frame from Mr. Nice's clip is now prominently featured on the Hague Tribunal's) Nice's clip was taken either from the Emperor's Clothes film Judgment! which begins on this page, and which uses footage shot by a Radio TV Serbia (RTS) crew at Trnopolje on August 5, 1992, or from almost identical footage shot by a crew from the British news station ITN, which filmed alongside RTS. The day after Mr. Nice showed his clip, the Milosevic defense held a press conference where we showed footage from Judgment (the footage is in Part 3) and gave every reporter a copy of the film. At that conference, I pointed out that Judgment! proved Nice was lying. Filming without restraint, ITN had seen that Trnopolje was a humanitarian refugee center. It was ITN, not the refugees, who were behind barbed wire. And despite ITN reporter Penny Marshall's attempt to lead the refugees into calling Trnopolje a prison, they insisted it was a refugee center and praised its pro-Yugoslav administrators. Here's the kicker: although virtually all the media broadcast news of Mr. Nice's shocking film clip, not one Western news source so much as mentioned what their reporters saw at our press conference. Later, during his ‘trial,' Milosevic showed Judgment! But again, none of the media reported what it revealed. Fortunately, now you can see for yourself.”

Jared Israel, Editor of Emperor's Clothes
– 1 September 2004

Perpetuating Myths
continued ITN's ‘concentration camp' deception in 2004.

Off-Guardian take a swipe: “In an article first published on the Emperor's New Clothes in 2004, Jared Israel looks at one notorious episode of media deception from the 1990s. Despite a successful libel suit in 2000 the fact remains that British news outlet ITN produced images that grossly distorted reality and were widely used in a highly misleading way.”

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Source: MSM Fake News: The UK's ‘Bosnian Death Camp' Deception – 21st Century Wire


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