1984 Part 2 | Lukas Lion

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Can't see what's happening by now then you're blind. They said it was to save lives, yeah that was a lie.

Part 2 – December 2021 |

Terrifying thought criminal, Lukas Lion, returns to The_Void with the excellent follow-up to his powerful track, ‘1984'. Lion continues the Orwell theme, warning of the rising the author was warning about in his famous book published in 1948. History repeating.

“I originally uploaded this to YouTube but it was taken down straight away. The Thought Police are desperate to suppress truth but they won't stop me and my .”


Can't see what's happening by now then you're blind.
They said it was to save lives, yeah that was a lie.
The writings on the wall man, can't you see the signs?
Now they're coming for the children. They just crossed the line.
They said just give it time, only three weeks
and it will all be fine. They want you tuned into that TV
every night.
So that they can implant fear deeply
in your mind.
Now in order to defeat them yo we need
to unite.
The Ministry of Truth has taken over.
There's a reason that they chose Corona.
Corona means crown, work it out man it's all symbolism from the beginning they told ya.
A virus of the mind, infecting your thoughts.
But enough is enough. Now we're saying no more.
We see the Trojan horse at the door. This is war.
We can't ignore the call. Big Brothers gonna fall.
Yeah, we gotta light the torch for humanity.
Cuz wasn't fantasy.
was warning what the plan would be.
Now you can see it all in their strategy.
They wanna call us theorists,
but right now we're the ones that are seeing the clearest.
This is .
How many alarm bells have to ring before people start to hear em? Serious.
Can't you see this is deliberate?
They hand out sanitizers and masks but not vitamins.
Mcdonalds stayed open, same time the gyms didn't.
The only pandemic is cognitive dissonance.
This is totalitarian.
People are waking up so they need keep scaring em,
declaring new waves and new variants.
They got tricks up their sleeve so we gotta be prepared for em.
They choose what the facts are with their .
We know what their plans are, so they won't get that far, nah.
You don't have to be Pythagoras to see that this ain't adding up.
How much until you've had enough?
Right now it's the last straw.
They're slowly bringing in their passports.
It's been leading to this from the start. Time to look into your heart now and choose what you stand for.
It's the dehumanisation of the nation.
Erasing the basic foundations of human relations.
The emergence of apartheid, creating
segregation. That's the road that they're paving.
Cuz if you're not jabbed then it's you that they're blaming.
It's you that is dangerous. Mass manipulation.
Coercing you to get penetrated.
What's the difference between that and a rapist?
I think their plots got some holes.
They want you to follow rules but they don't. It's a joke.
Now it's coming to the end of the road. It's a fight for our souls.
How much of your life have they already stole?
And much more will they try to?
How much will you turn a blind eye to?
Roll up your sleeve and get a free doughnut to eat. Can't you see they're tryna bribe you?
What's really in that concoction?
How many adverse reactions till we stop this?
How many must die for power, lies and profits?
I refuse to just stand by watching.
Nah that is not an option.
What if that was your kid?
Maybe then you would start talking.
Maybe then you'd see the point. The children need a voice.
We need to fight for their future before it's destroyed.

Source: LUKAS LION – 1984 PART 2


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