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Brave New World Order – Series 1

[SF128] ‘Huxley's Brave ' Ep4 Mockingbird [Pt1] – June 2023 |

Synchronicities and links to the Huxleys, and population changing events.

In Episode 4, Dom and Chris ask, who was Eric Blair aka ? Did he even exist? If he did was he part of the ? Nothing is quite what it seems. Everything is controlled, just like Orwell wrote about in his book, ‘1984'. Was this amazing prophesy written by a supposed literary genius about a dystopian future, just written by chance? Or was it part of a deeper operation?

In Mockingbird Episode 4 of ‘Huxley's Brave ' series, attempt to find answers to the puzzle.


Presented by Dom & Chris

Research – Dom

SheepArt – Chris

Production & Editing – Dom

Additional Research – Chris & Lorraine


Piano Composition: Now the Silence Artist: Juan Sánchez

Theme Song – Written and Performed by Seb W

Special Thanks to Keith O'Sullivan for his kind permission to use:
Keith O'Sullivan – Shiva Shaker -1960's Psychedelic India/Hippie Rock
Keith O' Sullivan Composer YouTube Channel

Source: [SF128] ‘Huxley's Brave New World Order' Ep4 Mockingbird [Pt1]


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