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Governments fear him. The media try to discredit him. The Think Tanks want to paint him as an unhinged conspiracy theorist, but the truth has a way of finding the light.


“I’m just one guy and they’re terrified of me.”

For the last three decades, David Icke has been exposing the plot for world domination by the New World Order through his books, videos, and world speaking tours that included packing Wembley Arena for an eight-hour presentation.

“If you can’t grasp the bigger picture of what’s happening you can’t grasp what’s happening.”

David Icke

David exposes the plot on this episode as we discuss the role of the Plandemic, how Big Pharma factors in, why the mask mandates, what the actual nature of reality is, and how we can break free from this collective delusion.




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Source: ‎Macroaggressions: #79: The Most Dangerous Man In The World – David Icke

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