“The Great Reset is out there and it’s time you woke up to it” | London Calling

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“How can you tell when a politician is lying?”

 “His lips are moving.”

Boris Johnson promised is quickly becoming a joke of its own. The problem is, no one is laughing. Especially Mr. Delingpole.

“The Great Reset is out there and it’s time you woke up to it”

Mr. Delingpole

After a contentious discussion about Mr. Young’s latest Spectator column and “The Great Reset,” they tackle Boris and his Tier 4 Christmas plans.

After that reveals he is on a diet, talks turkey and – if you promise not to tell – they talk about what they’re getting their wives for .

This week’s opening sound is from the PM’s press conference announcing the lockdown, and our closing sound is Greetings from the PM in 1941.

And so, in God’s mercy, a Happy to you all!

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Source: And so, in God’s Mercy, A Happy Christmas to You All – Ricochet

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