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The last 18 months has seen Melbourne, Australia, fall from ‘Most Liveable' to ‘Most Locked-down' city in the world.

Battleground (2022) – 13 Jan 2022 |

It's an astonishing fall which has brought with it previously unthinkable levels of civil unrest and government repression and sparked protests around and throughout the world as scenes reminiscent of the USSR or CCP have gone viral.

The fact that these scenes are playing out on the streets of a city in a wealthy and ‘free' country makes this an ominous warning for all. If it can happen here, it could happen anywhere.

Battleground tells this story from the perspective of the activists and journalists who tried to save the city of

This is our story. 

The Government and the media have already told their twisted and dishonest side of the story, Battleground is our reply. This is how we set the record straight and ensure the world will forever know the truth.

We have been smeared with false accusations, called every name you can imagine, assaulted, arrested, imprisoned. But even after all this, they haven't defeated us. Our love for freedom, and our love for our once wonderful city, compels us to battle on.

Battleground is a story of men and women who love freedom. It's a story of courage in the face of fear, of triumphs and failures, and ordinary people giving everything to change the course of history for the city they love.

has sent shockwaves around the world, but nowhere has the political reaction to the virus been more extreme or more repressive than in the ‘free' city of . Seven time winner of the ‘World's Most Livable City' award, has become a cautionary tale that has shocked the world with a dysfunctional parliament, sham ‘inquiries', politically motivated arrests, secrecy, abuse of human rights, and heavily armoured riot roaming the streets with ‘shoot on sight' orders against unarmed civilians.

The world has watched in horror as scenes from the streets of the once idylic city of , as it has descended into a state reminiscent of Communist China's repression of Hong Kong, or worse.

Battleground tells the story through the eyes of the men and women who risked it all to try and save their city. Weaving together interviews from key freedom activists and journalists, with live as-it-happened footage from on the ground, this Documentary tells the world the truth of how fell, as seen by the freedom fighters who dared to stand in the face of a tyrannical government and fight for the freedoms of themselves and their children.

Battleground is perhaps the most important documentary of our time. Narrated by , and including interviews with top freedom fighters and gritty, real life footage of protests and repression, this documentary will forever stand as a snapshot of a city in crisis, and a cautionary tale for the whole world.

is an experienced Documentary maker with a 12 year history of political commentary and film making and will take the reins as Director of Battleground .


The_Void has been following the plight of Australians from the start of the globalist attack. It's been shocking to see.

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Source: Battleground Melbourne (2022) | The Fall of the World's Most Liveable City


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