Did Coviet Forces Thwart an Attempted Coup d’etat Down Under? | Breaking News

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Fact or Fake?

Was a coup d’etat under way in Australia?

A top Australian cop supposedly spelt out how he would bring down and arrest the entire tyrannical Australian government.

Please god, I hear you say…

A supposedly fake video of Australian cop, Commissioner Reece Kershaw literally spelling out the crimes of Australian “leaders” and how government has been hijacked by criminals was so convincing that it has led to the arrest of the so-called-perpetrator. Who goes on to explain in great detail how the corrupt will be taken down under common law and the constitution. The end part of this authentic sounding video is very interesting, especially the part where he says, “we wont go in all guns blazing – not unless it’s completely necessary.” Quality.

Unfortunately, it would appear this unbelievable attempt at a coup of the corrupt Australian gov’t wasn’t quite as seems and was thwarted by The Cabals demonic forces. Here is a report from ’s fake news 7news about just how close they got…

The initial optimism at the news was understandable as we’ve seen Resistance to the down under raising its head as of late, with mass protests in Melbourne and the potential truck-drivers blockade. We will all have to admit, this would have been an absolutely explosive story and boost to the world freedom movement if there was actually any substance to the would be plotters, but alas according to MSM it appears there wasn’t – although it is important to note, when have the mainstream media ever told the truth about anything and this talk was almost a blueprint for how which is under martial law at present escapes the .

So, as one ’s finest (Michael Hutchins) once sang, “Makes you wonder…


Source: Federal cops bust bizarre plot to OVERTHROW the Australian government, arrest MPs and set up alternative police force


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