Demon Seed

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A scientist develops an AI super computer called Proteus IV that soon desires human form.

Demon Seed is a 1977 American science fiction–horror film directed by Donald Cammell. It stars and . The film was based on the 1973 novel of the same name by Dean Koontz, and concerns the imprisonment and forced impregnation of a woman by an artificially intelligent computer. Gerrit Graham, Berry Kroeger, Lisa Lu and Larry J. Blake also appear in the film, with Robert Vaughn uncredited as the voice of the computer.

Dr. Alex Harris is the developer of Proteus IV, an extremely advanced and autonomous program Proteus is so powerful that only a few days after going online, it develops a groundbreaking treatment for Leukaemia. Harris, a brilliant scientist, has modified his own home to be run by voice-activated computers. Unfortunately, his obsession with computers has caused Harris to be estranged from his wife, Susan.



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