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Delingpole going balls-deep.

This week, James and Toby reflect on what it's been like to live through a year of such enormous historical importance and whether their sense of humour has helped them get through it. Who's really on the “right side of history?”

Cancel culture arrived at Eton College, Britain's poshest school, last week when a popular teacher was sacked for a video he refused to remove from YouTube that dared to go against the current political orthodoxy. It's a case that has reverberations for lovers of free speech everywhere – including the campus of the University of Chicago.

To wrap things up listeners get a preview of Toby's January Spectator column. It seems it's all about a close friend who won't come to terms with Donald Trump's loss in the late Presidential election. Any relationship between the friend and other persons associated with this is definitely not coincidental.

This week's opening sound is from the documentary film Inside Eton (1995).

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