Mystery of Antarctica and Riddle of Rudolf Hess Capture

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What’s really going on down in Antarctica? Why is it off-limits? Why does Google Earth & Satellite images censor it? Why were the Nazis obsessed with the Poles & set up bases there? Is it connected with UFO’s? Submerged & frozen Atlantis? Or a gigantic entrance to the Inner Earth? Has something been discovered there, as rumors has it? What did Rudolf Hess know about Antarctica, why was his incarceration in complete isolation for his entire life, & why was he finally murdered? Hear these and other fascinating matters from excerpts of talks we’ve had with the outstanding researchers: Peter Levenda, Joseph Farrell, & Richard Dolan.

Source: Levenda, Farrell, & Dolan – Mystery of Antarctica & Riddle of Hess’ capture (PROMO potpourri) – YouTube

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