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Why was the Pandemic Rulebook Thrown Out?

In March last year, we witnessed how many countries abandoned the long-established rules for dealing with pandemics almost overnight. In this session, examines how and why the quarantining of the healthy became the dominant response and what implications these decisions may have if unchallenged.

“In addition to this Balkanisation and authoritarianism, we also have a problem with institutional capture. The vaccine stakeholders and pharmaceutical company stakeholders have more or less captured every public health institution and medical University outlet in the world.”

“What were the of the world doing when this was unleashed on the world? Were they in on the game or were they incompetent?”

is the founder and Chairman of PANDA Pandemics ~ Data & Analytics. PANDA was founded last September in the wake of the harm had created in South Africa and it quickly grew to approximately 200 volunteers most of whom are scientists and experts from around the world.

Nick is an actuary with broad international experience in finance, who has settled into a career as a private equity investor. He has been invited to speak on various topics including epistemology, corporate governance, investment management, and more recently, the .

An abiding concern about the growing influence of postmodern irrationalism, identity politics, social justice constructs, centralism and collectivism led him to recognise quickly in coercive responses to the , an acute accretion of these looming threats to hard-earned civil rights and freedom, to generativity and the flourishing society. Predicting that they would lead to deep injustices and inequality, he co-founded Pandemics ~ Data & Analytics (PANDA) to refute the many false narratives underpinning them.

Source: Nick Hudson – Why was the Pandemic rulebook thrown out?


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