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Weaponising The Public and Public Officials

Enablers of a Mind Virus – 28 March 2022 | Windows on the World

The Main Problem is not the ‘virus’, the main problem is the Mind Virus.

Misguided, hive-minded, do-gooders are turning into hate filled intolerant bioweapons, weaponised against the public with their emotional triggers and hate which has been instilled in them against those who don’t go along with the tyranny. People are going to turn against their own families and of course they already have. 

“This is the end goal of communitarianism, this is the new totalitarianism which is all done through global consensus and agreement through coercion.”

Mark Windows

With some people calling for unvaccinated people to have their children removed and taken into state care, the public have been weaponised against each other. 

The object remains the same: Population control management and reduction.

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Source: Scientists Currently Developing Controversial “Contagious Vaccines”

Source: The controversial quest to make a ‘contagious’ vaccine

Source: Enablers of a Mind Virus | Spreaker


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