Plasticine Stones of Sacsayhuaman | N. Berdnikov, PhD

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In 2012 the Ministry of Culture in Peru requested the involvement of Russian specialists in geology to help to identify the source of the problem of collapsing megalithic blocks in the fortress of Sacsayhuaman, which is located near the city of Cuzco, Peru.

Plasticine Stones of | , PhD

The geologists conducted a georadar scan of the megalithic wall area as well as the arena “sacred lake” area. They were able to determine the areas of collapse as possibly the result of hollow cavities underneath the wall. 

More interestingly, they took samples of the from the megalithic wall itself and the quarry area from where the stones for are said to have been extracted. Using optical microscopy as well as XRF analysis, they were able to determine the elemental makeup of the blocks and samples from the quarry. The blocks from the wall were composed of microcrystalline with no organic skeletal fragments, whereas all of the samples from the quarry were not microcrystalline and had clear signs of organic skeletal remains. The chemical analysis showed that the microcrystalline samples from the wall and the organic samples from the quarry to be chemically the same.

The mystery is that it is possible that the blocks in the wall were the result of re-agglomerated as a result of pulverizing the , roasting it and mixing it with water to create a lime based mortar which was then poured to make the blocks in the wall. The problem is that this type of material is not long lasting and certainly would not last for a thousand years. There are also other anomalies associated with this unknown process of creating this wall which are discussed in the video and the partially translated text ( from their main report (…).

2013 Report by: (PhD, Deputy Director of Institute of Tectonics and Geophysics, Khabarovsk, Russia) and O. Kozlova (Project “ISIDA”)

's bio, published papers and contacts:

Translation, subtitles and voice over by Kon Khanyants

Transcript of the lecture:

Additional academic papers and links:

The Question of the Material Origin of the Saqsayhuaman Fortress – A. Kruzer (English):

Георадарное и Геофизическое Исследование Крепости Саксайуаманa – А. Верьянов (GEO y Asociados), Н. Бердников (ИТИГ ДВО РАН) (in Russian) :

К вопросу о происхождении материала блоков, слагающих стены крепости Саксайуаман в Куско (Перу) – A. Kruzer ( Russian):

Результаты исследований Саксайуамана – А.Ермолаев (Video, Russian):…

Original video: “Пластилиновые камни” Крепости Саксайуаман (in Russian):…

Comments to the geochemical research of Saksayhuaman artifacts (, English):

The Georadar Research of Archaeological Complex (, English):

Comments to the geochemical research of Saksayhuaman artifacts by Igor Alekseev (, English):…

Source: Plasticine Stones of Sacsayhuaman by N. Berdnikov, PhD – YouTube


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