Ancient Archeology

Plasticine Stones of Sacsayhuaman | N. Berdnikov, PhD

In 2012 the Ministry of Culture in Peru requested the involvement of Russian specialists in geology to help to identify the source of collapsing megalithic blocks in the fortress of Sacsayhuaman.

Geopolymer or Natural Rocks? The Geological Truth of Sacsayhuaman, Peru | Ancient Architects

It’s truly mind-boggling how such enormous blocks of stones can be so randomly shaped yet so perfectly put together.

Graham Hancock | Art Bell

Art Bell's fascinating 2015 interview with Graham Hancock.

Hidden in Plain Sight | Ancient Civilizations

Where did we come from... is it hidden in plain sight?

The Mysteries Of Ancient Egypt

The mysteries of ancient Egypt and the pyramids.

Dead Men's Secrets

A fascinating reading of an alternative narrative of the accepted historical record.