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Greatest Megaliths, Colossal Ancient Sites, Hidden in Plain Sight |

Pyramids Discovered Hidden in Plain Sight |

A captivating journey through the fascinating realm of ancient megaliths. In this documentary blog, we will embark on an exploration of remarkable sites scattered across the world, where colossal stone structures have stood the test of time, leaving us in awe of the advanced skills and ingenuity of our ancient ancestors. From Japan to Peru, from Egypt to Micronesia, these monumental megaliths have puzzled archaeologists, historians, and scientists for centuries.

Our journey commences in Japan's Asuka region, home to the enigmatic Japanese megaliths. These massive stone structures, with their mysterious purposes and intricate carvings, offer a glimpse into the ancient beliefs and customs of the people who once inhabited this land. From towering monoliths to impressive tombs, the Asuka Japanese Megaliths captivate us with their grandeur and raise intriguing questions about their origin and significance.

Next, we venture to Peru to unravel the enigma surrounding the Saywhite Strange Monolith. Rising from the rugged landscape, this peculiar stone formation astounds us with its unique shape and intricate carvings. Join us as we explore the theories surrounding its creation and its potential connection to the ancient civilizations that flourished in the region.

Our quest takes us to the heart of Cusco, Peru, where we encounter the Intihuatana Sundial Megalith. This celestial timekeeping device, perched high in the mountains, reveals the astronomical prowess of the ancient Inca civilization. Journey with us as we uncover the secrets hidden within the Intihuatana and delve into the profound connection between the Inca people and the cosmos.

Prepare to be astounded as we return to Japan to witness the mesmerizing Ishi No Hoden, a floating stone that defies the laws of gravity. How was this massive stone suspended in mid-air without any visible support? Explore the theories behind this perplexing phenomenon and ponder the advanced knowledge possessed by the ancient builders who crafted this astonishing marvel.

Venturing to Central America, we arrive at the ancient Mayan city of Quirigua in Guatemala. The Megalithic Park within this archaeological site presents us with intricately carved stelae and towering stone monuments that depict the rich Mayan and culture. Join us as we unravel the stories behind these megalithic wonders and gain insight into the lives of the Mayan people.

Our exploration continues in Bolivia, where we encounter the mind-boggling Puma Punku. This site, characterized by its massive stone blocks intricately fitted together, challenges conventional theories about ancient construction techniques. Witness the precision engineering and extraordinary craftsmanship displayed in every colossal stone, compelling us to question the capabilities of ancient civilizations.

Our journey takes us to the land of pharaohs, Egypt, where we uncover evidence of advanced machining techniques employed by the ancient Egyptians. For the full list of Ancient see our documentary list below…

  1. Asuka Japanese Megaliths 0:49
  2. Saywhite Strange Monolith, Peru 3:47
  3. Intihuatana Sundial Megalith, Cusco 6:27
  4. Ishi No Hoden, Baffling Floating Stone, Japan 9:21
  5. Al Naslaa Rock Formation, Saudi Arabia 12:23
  6. The Afghanistan Stup Carved in Bedrock 15:01
  7. Quirigua, Megalithic Park, Guatemala 18:03
  8. Puma Punku Ridiculous Gigantic Megaliths 21:18
  9. Ollantaytambo, Imposible Megaliths, Peru 27:59
  10. Ancient Advanced Machining in Egypt 35:20
  11. Ancient Egyptian Carved Stone Bowls 38:53
  12. Tri Lobed Schist Disc of Sabu, Cairo Museum 41:48
  13. Flinders Petrie Drill Cores, Pink Granite, Petrie Museum UCL 43:56
  14. Giant Statue of Ramses, Diorite, Quartz, Memphis, Egypt 55:55
  15. Dendera Temple, Egypt 1:01:33
  16. Vitrified Ancient Ruins, Peru 1:05:35
  17. Keystone Cuts, Metallurgy Peru & Bolivia 1:09:26
  18. Coricancha, Cusco Peru 1:17:02
  19. Sacsayhuaman, Cusco Peru 1:22:00
  20. Quillarumiyoc Machine Carved Rock Interface 1:32:35
  21. The Colossal Megaliths of Baalbek, Lebanon 1:36:05
  22. Easter Island Moai Megaliths, Chile 1:42:18
  23. Nan Madol Basalt Megalithic Island, Micronesia 1:46:29
  24. The Unfinished Obelisk, Aswan Quarry 1200 Tons 1:48:00
  25. Megalithic Europe Weirdness, Various Sites, Huge Tons 1:49:27
  26. Megalithic Park of San Agustin, Columbia 2:03:39
  27. Atlantean Empire Best Evidence 2:05:27
  28. Dolmen De Menga, Spain 2:08:33
    29: Basque Origins and 2:16:46
  29. Japanese Ainu and Jomon Culture 2:25:00
  30. Ancient Geodetic Skilled Masons 2:33:24
  31. Giza Plateau Megalithic 2:44:09
  32. Sillustani Chullpa Towers, Peru 2:54:34
  33. Ellora Caves Advanced Carving and Machining, India 2:56:46
  34. Pisaq Megalithic Citadel, Peru 3:03:33


Source: Hidden in Plain Sight Series | Ancient Civilizations


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