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Order, Everything We've Been Told is a Lie – 2024 | Stew Peters

A documentary exploring the idea that our history has been fabricated and that the official timeline of recent events does not match reality.

The documentary “ Order – Everything We've Been Told is a Lie” is a 2024 film directed by Sean Hibbeler and produced by Stew Peters. It suggests that the Rockefeller “his-story” books are pure fabrication and that there has been a massive cover-up.

The documentary features a cast including Lord Jamar, B.J. Penn, Max Igan, Martin Liedtke, Michelle Gibson, Johnny Giampapa, Matthew Smith, Dr. Narco Longo, Kenny Lowden III, and Steve Kasten

The film's premise is centred around the idea that our history has been manipulated and that the truth about our recent past is not accurately represented. It aims to expose the alleged cover-up and provide a new perspective on our understanding of history.

Source: Old World Order, Everything We've Been Told Is A Lie


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