Route 91: Uncovering The Cover Up – The Las Vegas Massacre | Mindy Robinson

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Rogue Agency

The is now considered the most corrupt law enforcement agency in the civilised world. You can't have the rule of law when criminals are controlling justice.

Breaking The Blackout

On October 1, 2017, 58 people were killed at the country music concert in Las Vegas. The bizarre and unexplainable events that followed can only leave one explanation. And within two weeks the media had dropped the entire story – probably due to all the lies and holes in the police and 's official cover story.

Mass Murder No Longer Makes The News

The worst massacre in US history, and no one knows anything about it. The mainstream media's silence points to far more sinister events that were unfolding that evening which the public will never know the truth about.

This independent documentary provides a detailed and fascinating insight into how corrupt law enforcement agencies act in a country that is now controlled by external forces, and how mass murders are routine.

Revealed are all the things they've covered up about this outrageous act of evil.

Why? You'll have to work that one out yourself.


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