The Assassination Of General Patton

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The  of General George S. Patton on December 21st 1945 will live in infamy. It was one of the most shocking events of the post-war world, albeit that the shock has been delayed by the absurd official pretence that the great commander died as the result of an automobile accident.

In 1979, OSS Agent, Major Douglas Bazata, asserted that he had been part of a hit team that was tasked to assassinate General Patton. He had fired a low velocity projectile into the back of the General's neck, in order to snap it and cause him paralysis.” This was said to a gathering of 100s of OSS officers.

The coincidences such as the auto accident near Mannheim on December 9 just one day before Patton was to leave Germany: the death on December 21 at the Heidelberg Military Hospital as he was about to be moved to Beverly General Hospital: the presence in Germany of Soviet General Pavel Sudoplatov, head of theNKVD's external assassins during the time of the accident:



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