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Creating Pandemics

Sam and Mark Bailey – The Final – 8 May 2024 |

Sam and Mark Bailey expose diagnostic tests, data manipulation, rubbish doctors, pharmaceutical greed, illness rebranding, press release science and lab-leak nonsense.

There was no pandemic and there will never be a pandemic.

Sam Bailey is a medical doctor and content creator. In 2020, following her opposition to the COVID fear porn, she was heavily attacked by the medical establishment—including being fired from a TV show on which was a host— and has ongoing legal battles as a result. She has co-authored several books, including Virus Mania, which heavily influenced my worldview.

So much so, in fact, that I am no longer convinced that any infectious disease exists.

Meanwhile, Sam's husband, Mark—also a medical doctor—has been researching microbiology, viruses, and medical stuff since 2020.

With an athletic background, he has won duathlons and cycling championships. and is generally quite a fit dude. He left clinical practice in 2016 because he was dissatisfied with the medical establishment which has—by its own doing—thrown itself into the toilet.

The two of them make up a great team and I am very blessed to call them my friends.


They chatted to me about their new book The Final Pandemic, with a foreword from Tim Noakes.


The book looks at the science underlying:

  • diagnostic tests,
  • case definitions,
  • data manipulation and
  • doctor motivations and the impact of pharmaceutical incentives.

They also chatted about rebranding of illnesses, “press release science” and the fear-porn lab-leak story.

At the end of the day, health and well-being are about personal responsibility. There is no reason to fear invisible little zombie microbes flying through the air.

are not the cause of disease. are part of the body's natural process of transformation and evolution.”

Tom Cowan

Source: Sam and Mark Bailey on their book “The Final Pandemic” – Jerm Warfare


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