Secret Government | Bill Cooper

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Part 33 in a series of live broadcasts by William Cooper on the Hour of the Time shortwave radio program on Mystery Babylon.

This is a classic recording of a live seminar given by William Cooper.

Bill Cooper reveals who the secret government really is, who is selling drugs to your children, and why the U.S. Government is afraid of you finding out what the truth is regarding UFOs.
The fact that many UFOs have crashed and that Alien bodies have been recovered is discussed. And that two crashes near Aztec, New Mexico are so important that the government is deathly afraid of a national panic and will do anything to cover this up, because both of those UFO crashes contained human body parts.
The truth about Majesty Twelve or MJ-12.
The story of “Krill” and the story of “Ebe”, the extraterrestrial from which the movie “E.T.” was derived.
The origins of the NSA it’s inherent lawlessness.
The Jason Society. Roswell. Project Sigma. Project Plato. Project Red Light. Prophecy. Executive Orders. Area 51: Dreamland. Project Snowbird. Project Excaliber. The Secret of Fatima. The Dark Side of the Moon. Deep Underground Complexes. Alien Bases. Moon Bases. Mars Bases. Alternative Three. The Trilateral Insignia and the Trilateral Commission. The origins of the Bilderbergers and their purpose. Animal Mutilation and Alien Abduction. The Cold War farce and the behind-the-scenes alliance of the USA and Russia. The murder of JFK. Reversed engineered alien technology.


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