The Lost Light | Bill Cooper

A fascinating and revelatory journey into the initiation and ceremony of the mystery schools and freemasonry.

The New World Order – Jordan Maxwell | Mystery Babylon

From the Bavarian order to skull and bones... the new world order.

The Occult History Of The Third Reich | Bill Cooper

In these fascinating hours we listen to a brilliant documentary on the occult practices, ideology and meteoric rise of the Nazis. Hour 38/39/40

The Ancient Dark Arts | Bill Cooper

An excellent visual presentation of Milton William Bill Cooper's Hour Of The Time series. Hour 16/17

Aid And Abet | Bill Cooper

A Senior Cop writes in a police newsletter about the New World Order... Hour 31

The Roshaniya | Bill Cooper

Bill dives into the mystery religions of the east. Hour 14

Lucifer Worship | Bill Cooper

Bill takes us deep into the Satanic realm of Lucifer and the mysteries of the occult. Hour 18

The Mystery Of The Great Pyramid | Bill Cooper

A repeated hour from William Cooper's Mystery Babylon series. Here Bill talks about the pyramids, ancient Babylon and theological interpretations. Hour 30

In The Coils – The Coming Conflict | Bill Cooper

Bill Cooper reads from the 1883 book "In The Coils - The Coming Conflict" Hour 27

The Ancient Freemasons | Bill Cooper

Bill talks about freemasonry and the philosophy of the mystery schools. Hour 15/392

Initiation And Gnosticism | Bill Cooper

In these episodes Bill takes us through the initiation process and the belief system of the secret societies. Hour 9

The Secret Government | Bill Cooper

Bill Cooper reveals who the secret government really is, who is selling drugs to your children, and why the U.S. Government is afraid of you finding out the truth.

Freemasonry Infiltrated | Bill Cooper

Bill takes us deep into the mystery religion of the Freemasons. Telling us the insiders story. Hour 20/21/22

Secret Societies And The Vatican | Bill Cooper

Bill takes us further into the mystery religions and secret societies. Hour 32/33/34

The Mystery Religion Of Babylon Ancient And Modern | Bill Cooper

Bill takes us through a talk about the great pyramid and the ancient mystery religions.

Convocation Of The Rose Cross Order | Bill Cooper

Bill reads from the 1916 68th convocation of the Rose Cross The Rosicrucians. Hour 19/35/36/37

Osiris And Isis | Bill Cooper

Bill continues his biblical story of Egypt, the mystery schools and the new world order. Hour 3/4

The Assassins And The Templars | Bill Cooper

The Knights Templar and the Assassins in the Holy Land. Hour 10/11/12

Egyptian Magic | Bill Cooper

In this hour we dive into the freemasons, mystery schools and ancient Egypt. Hour 2

The Sun of God | Bill Cooper

Bill takes us on journey into the light. We begin in the beginning... Hour 1

The Mystery Schools – Initiation | Bill Cooper

The use of symbols, music, magic, and rituals to convey the secrets of the Mystery Religion to the initiate. Initiation as a tool of mind control. Initiates sworn to secrecy through Blood Oaths. Hour 8

The Heretical Church | Bill Cooper

The Secret Kingdom of the Mormon Church, another cover for the Religion of Mystery Babylon, whose dictatorial shadowy controllers wield great power, influence, and wealth. Hour 28/29

2001 – The Dawn Of Man | Bill Cooper

This is the prelude to Hour 1 of Bill's brilliant and enlightening Mystery Babylon series' Hour 0

The Illuminati

The Kabbalah. Mystery Babylon and the Illuminati. From The Knights Templars to the New World Order.

Skull And Bones | Bill Cooper

Skull and Bones, also known as The Order, Order 322 or The Brotherhood of Death, is an undergraduate senior secret student society at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Hour 13