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The Path to Genocide.

The Ten Stages of

Examining the '10 Stages of ' created by the American scholar Gregory H Stanton, we come to see the horrific conditions from the past dictatorships reflected right in front of our faces.

The ten stages of were developed by Gregory H. Stanton, the founding president of Watch, to explain how genocides occur. The stages are not linear and may occur simultaneously. The ten stages are: classification, symbolisation, , dehumanization, organisation, polarisation, preparation, persecution, extermination, and denial. At each stage, preventive measures can stop it. The process is not linear, and stages may occur simultaneously. Denial is the final stage that lasts throughout and always follows . It is among the surest indicators of further genocidal massacres.

10 Stages of Genocide

STAGE 01: Classification

“Their goal is to crush any expression of freedom and turn every potential self-sovereign individuals into a slave class.”

“Everything will become state governed, monitored and owned, including your body and mind.”

STAGE 02: Symbolisation

“The enemies of the state, the enemies to ‘national health' are those who stand out from the masses, the people who do not wear the mask.”


“Denial of rights is always a symptom of tyranny and one of the stages towards .”

“You cannot have the removal of rights and live in a free world. Our rights are under a systemic attack.”

“We can still turn this around if we come to see reality for what it is and take action but if we do not, this will happen guaranteed.”

STAGE 04: Dehumanisation

“The diminishing humanity of the discriminated group is expressed through constant .”

“You know who are the targeted individuals as they are being robbed of their humanity and reduced to offensive adjectives; ‘extreme right', ‘ theorist', ‘anti-vaxxer'.”

STAGE 05: Organisation

Lockstep scenario

Event 201

Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.

STAGE 06: Polarisation

“The deliberate fuelling of the fire between the masses and the discriminated minority.”

“Healthy people are asymptomatic disease carriers and if we don't get them under control, locked up and masked, they put at risk the rest of the people and the refusal to follow theses restrictions is actually causing the restrictions to go on further.”

STAGE 07: Preparation

“The discriminated individuals are identified and separated.”

“The masses are the ones with ‘the mark' and if you do not have ‘the mark' you are separated from society.”

“The first ‘mark' was the mask, the second ‘mark' will be the vaccine passport and finally there will be a digital identification in the form of embedded technology and microchips. Anyone without these symbols is going to be an outcast.”

STAGE 08: Persecution

“The identified group will face their isolation in practice, even their property may be seized and they may be forced to wear identifying symbols.”

“There are quarantine camps that have been built where infected individuals will be forcefully treated, medicated and re-educated.”

“This is not to control a virus this is to control humanity.”

STAGE 09: Extermination

“This is when the massacres begin but they are not called ‘massacres', they are called ‘extermination' because the victims are not considered fully human.”

STAGE 10: Denial

“The perpetrators deny the systemic and massacre of people. Often they end up blaming the victims, hiding the evidence and murdering the witnesses.”

“Our governments are refusing to acknowledge all the carnage, all the misery, all of the suffering that has already been caused by the lockdowns, by the human rights violations and crushing of the economy.”

“The time for living in delusion and fantasy is over.”

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Source: The Ten Stages of Genocide


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