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Stardust is a 1974 British musical drama film directed by Michael Apted and starring , and . It is the sequel to the 1973 film That'll Be the Day, which introduced the characters of Jim MacLaine and his street-smart friend Mike Menary. It chronicles Jim's rise and fall as an international rock star during the 1960s and early 1970s, with Mike as his personal manager. It features a number of pop/rock performers, including Essex, Faith, Keith Moon, Marty Wilde, Dave Edmunds, Paul Nicholas and Edd Byrnes.

On the evening of the Kennedy assassination, Jim MacLaine () visits his friend Mike Menary () at the funfair where Mike works. Jim tells Mike he's joined a touring rock group called the Stray Cats and invites Mike to come along as their road manager, pointing out that Mike could make millions if the group succeeds. Mike accepts and proves to be a shrewd operator, arranging a better van, accommodations, and a recording session for the group. Privately, Mike tells Jim that arrogant singer/ guitarist Johnny (Paul Nicholas) must go in order for the band to be a success. Largely through Mike's efforts, the Stray Cats have their first hit single with a song sung by Jim, even though it was released as the B-side to a song sung by Johnny. Jim becomes the new center of attention for fans and press, causing the jealous Johnny to leave the band.

Filming began on 18 February 1974. Location filming was done in Britain, Spain, and the United States. Essex had recently become a real-life rock star with his 1973 hit song “Rock On”, and was mobbed by a large crowd of his actual fans while filming the funeral scene at St. Bernard's Church in Northolt, London.

Musician Dave Edmunds recorded the new music used in the movie “virtually as a one-man band”.

The film was a hit at the box office and by 1985 had earned an estimated £525,000 in profit.

as fictional pop star Jim MacLaine.



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