The crazies have seen their chance and they’re going for it | CrossTalk

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| Quarantine Edition | 2020 YEAR IN REVIEW

They have trashed our world and they must pay | The_Void

In a hard-hitting discussion reflecting on the 2020 disaster, Host Peter Lavelle is CrossTalking with guests Patrick Henningsen from 21st Century Wire and political philosopher, John Laughland.

As the the conversation heats up, John Laughland says,

“What we've seen with the Covid scare is the terrifying extent of the leftist hegemony, it's extended way beyond the universities and goes very much into the heart of political leadership. What ‘The Great Reset' shows is the extent to which leftism totally dominates the business elites and the big corporations.”

“A lot of people talk about ‘' but we also know about how Google, YouTube and Twitter have restricted free speech, and we see from Davos and world business elites, how their ideas are 100% leftist.”

Laughland goes on,

“These ‘crazies' have seen their chance, they've seen how quickly rights can be suspended or abolished and they want to go for it.”

As the conversation progresses, Laughland says,

“Where it gets really crazy, although the climate stuff is crazy enough, is with the implantation of microchips, which they say, will replicate or even influence people's emotions and thoughts. Really crazy stuff but it's being taken seriously and is billionaire funded. There are people who believe in this nonsense and they are prepared to put money on the table to finance it.”

When discussing the ideal of ‘the new man' Peter Lavelle says that “the legitimising pattern is going from ‘crisis to crisis'” and that on top of it all “they've compromised the legitimacy of science.”

Remarking on this observation, Henningsen says, 

“This is typical of a ‘' and typical of a scientific dictatorship. They talk about being led by the science but they are not being led by the science.”

“Computer models got us into this pandemic mess and climate computer models have done the same thing in terms of formulating ‘climate change' policy. Computer models are not scientific, they are programmed!”

“The technocrats are hanging all their policies on these models and there needs to be because the science can be wrong, the Technocrats can be very wrong. History is replete with examples of this and we now have the biggest example of all time of how badly they could get it wrong and not change course.”

“It's a kamikaze ride in terms of government policy right now.”

Patrick Henningsen continues,

“They have trashed the economies, for what?”

The ‘Great Reset' crowd have legitimised their thesis that the pandemic has exposed this ‘great fault in our system', it's classic ‘problem, reaction, solution' but it's completely contrived.”


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Source: CrossTalk | Quarantine Edition | 2020 YEAR IN REVIEW – YouTube


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