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“At 19:30 Moscow time today March 21 I (And British journalist Maximilian Clarke) witnessed rockets and explosions Over the DPR from center Donetsk. It seems to be 2 Ukrainian Tochka-Us shot down by DPR forces.”

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Saint Patrick

If you want to know the truth about what is happening in Ukraine, look no further than crowd sourced, independent reporter, .

His interviews and exemplary translation of civilian stories has revealed a side of the conflict in that has not been told on the fakestream media. His unique journalism has provided the sort of fascinating and chilling perspectives into the horrors of this war that no other western journalist would touch.

(Refugees Expose War Crimes)

The Fog Of War

The First western journalist to reach , Patrick told the first hand accounts of survivors and victims. You will not see any of these stories on the Fake News or from any of their dishonest stenographer parasites.

There is always two sides to every story, as we all know and thankfully we have Patrick to show us the counter narrative/story that's absent from all Cabal controlled western news media.

(Church & School Targeted By Militants in – Ukraine War)

The Battle For

Patrick brought us a first hand account of the battle for and showed the intense fighting and damage caused by 'S weapons of war and the Russian offensive. This brave and honest man has been our main insight into the reality and truth of this conflict. We believe he should and would win the Pulitzer Prize if it was still a credible award.

( Refugees In a Russian & DPR Controlled Hospital)

Approaching The Enemy

As Russian forces closed in on the Azov Battalion in , the carnage they have brought becomes manifest. Once again, Patrick shows us the true story of this conflict with absolute clarity. This man has balls of steel.

(Shelling Intensified In (GRAPHIC 18+) (Special Report))

Saving Ukraine

Thank you Patrick, you've provided us with an invaluable insight into the conflict in . Your fearless and unbiased reporting has truly countered the false and distorted narrative of the mainstream news media.

Absolutely amazing and courageous work.

We salute you.

(First Western Journalist In & DPR Controlled (Special Report)

In The Deep End

Patrick first reported on the conflict in in 2016. His grasp of the Ukrainian and Russian language has given him a massive advantage over the fakestream media's low IQ morons.

Here's Patrick going into the trenches of modern day warfare.

Exposing Nazi War Crimes

Patrick gives a short and horrifying report on the atrocities committed by the Ukrainian Azov battalion in . This is stomach churning material evidence of war crimes committed by Nazi Ukrainian forces.

Also, according to the BBC there are no Nazis in the Ukraine.

Latest Report from Donetsk

Report by who is a former US Navy veteran and now an independent crowd-funded journalist. He has spent over 8 years reporting the unknown War for the region in Ukraine. He has made more video reports from the anti-Ukraine Government (Donetsk People's Republic) controlled territory than any other western journalist. And he has also covered the Armenian Azerbaijan war reaching over 8 million on his youtube channel. He states,

“I will show you what the western fake stream news media will not show you.”

Artillery Strike Hits The Centre of Donetsk. – Ukraine War

More human stories not told in the West.

Journalists Evacuate Elderly from

Here Patrick shows the terrible cost and aftermath of 's foolhardiness.

– Ukraine War: Soldiers Collect Civilians After Shelling Attack on Frontline

Ride In A Frontline Ambulance as Soldiers collect injured Civilians After Shelling Attack.

Asking Residents About Russian Attacks On Civilian areas

to be cont…



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