Donbass – Chronicle of Genocide

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The Monsters Created By The EU NATO And The WEF

Extensive war crimes in Donbass committed by Poroshenko and his army of murderers from July 27 to August 14, 2014. Kiev’s warmongers/Zionists/Neo-Nazis continue the genocide of the civilian population of Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. Most of the footage and interviews you will see in this documentary film have never been shown on mainstream media of any country including Russia and Ukraine.

0:00 – Taking an oath of loyalty by “Azov” battalion
0:39 – Connection between “Azov” recruits and Nazi
1:23 – Battalion “Dnepr” takes on a suspect
4:13 – Protests against mobilisation (parents)
4:55 – 25 July, Kurakhove, Donetsk Oblast, MLRS Grad moving towards Donetsk
6:33 – 28 July, Ukrainian MLRS Grad shelling Donetsk
6:58 – 29 Jul7, Donetsk being shelled by Ukrainian MLRS Grad, shelling peaceful citizens
7:47 – Donetsk, after night shelling by Ukrainian MLRS Grad
8:04 – Ukrainian MLRS Grad, indiscriminate shelling, Lugansk
8:39 – Locals in Lugansk interviewed on consequences of shelling by Ukrainian army
9:43 – 27 July, Gorlivka, Donetsk Oblast, military shelling by Ukrainian army
11:35 – Consequences of indiscriminate shelling of Gorlivka: killed kids, ruined infrastructure, killed young mother with toddler
15:08 – Ukrainian journalist on propaganda in Ukrainian media
16:51 – Captured Ukrainian soldiers
22:59 – Injured girl in hospital (message to Poroshenko)
23:59 – Consequences of indiscriminate shelling, interview with local woman
24:43 – Gorlivka, Donetsk Oblast after being shelled by Ukrainian army
25:31 – Nursing home on Lugansk, consequences of indiscriminate shelling (MLRS Grad)
27:33 – Krasnohorivka, Donetsk Oblast, bomb shelter, interviews with locals
30:49 – 28 July, Lugansk being shelled by Ukrainian army
32:04 – Result of shelling by Ukrainian army (+18)
36:30 – 28 July, Lugansk, Hospital with wounded civilians, interview
37:53 – Lugansk after the day shelling
38:10 – Donetsk military shelling
38:33 – 31 July, local citizens
39:19 – 31 July, Donetsk, Ukrainian National Guard shot down bus with refugees from Shakhtersk
40:20 – 1 August, Ukrainian National Guard shot down bus with refugees from Gorlivka
43:15 – 1 August, Donetsk after mortar attack by Ukrainian army
43:48 – Indiscriminate shelling of Donetsk by Ukrainian MLRS Grad
44:11 – 2 August, Donetsk after shelling, interview with locals
50:41 – Ukrainian army preparing to shell Pervomaisk, Lugansk Oblast
53:28 – 5 August, Pervomaisk, Lugansk Oblast, aftermaths of indiscriminate shelling by Ukrainian army, wounded family
54:49 – 6 August, Pervomaisk, Lugansk Oblast, consequences of shelling, six people (a family) buried in burnt house
1:09:32 – Aftermaths of shelling Pervomaisk, Lugansk Oblast, city centre morning, killing civilians
1:13:35 – Official of Ministry of Internal Affairs explains tactics of Ukrainian army in regards to territorial cleansing
1:13:59 – Sukhodilsk, Lugansk Oblast, interviews with victims of cluster bombs
1:20:50 – Gorlivka, Donetsk Oblast, after military shelling, hospital, park, killed citizens



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