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The New American Century

It's been almost seven years since a US-inspired coup divided Ukraine and erupted in the country's east. The and republics, next to 's border, are collectively known as , a coal-mining industrial centre. The two declared independence from Kiev in 2014, and civil erupted.

There are mass graves scattered across , from which bodies of civilians are regularly exhumed. Yet, while the shelling and killings continued, Western media remained silent. According to UN estimates, over 13,000 people have been killed in the conflict.

The people call it a ‘ of the Russian-speaking population'. Kiev outlawed the Russian language from everyday life, endeavouring to limit its use, despite Russian being the native language in large areas of the country.

. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow takes a look back at events that unfolded before the start of the crisis in 2014. Historians and journalists share their views on the conflict, players and motives, while ordinary citizens from the and regions describe the horrors of .

This offers you an in-depth look at a topic that can leave no one indifferent.



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