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The Fake Meat Industry Is Lying To You

Beyond Impossible – 2022 |

Beyond Impossible exposes the corruption of the industry and how it ties in with the sinister plans of a parasitic global clique.

Health expert asks the intriguing question: What do , internet Vegans and the all have in common?

A religious desire for the world to go Vegan.

This documentary shows everything wrong with the latest fad of heavily processed ‘meat substitutes' and who makes profit on making and keeping you sick and overweight.

“Beyond Impossible” is a documentary film directed by that exposes the corruption of the industry and its connections to the sinister plans of a global elite. The film explores the question of what , internet Vegans, and the have in common: a religious desire for the world to go Vegan.

The documentary features interviews with various experts, including doctors, journalists, and former vegans, who share their perspectives on the motivations behind the push for a plant-based diet. , the filmmaker, argues that this movement is not driven by genuine concerns about animal welfare, environmental sustainability, or public health, but rather by a global elite with ulterior motives.

The film highlights several key figures involved in the industry, including a Harvard doctor who advocates for taxing consumers into making healthy choices, a inventor who wants to eliminate the meat industry, and a vegan leader who bears a resemblance to Jesus Christ. It also touches on the involvement of the in promoting plant-based diets.

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