The Coming Famine of 2022 | Reese Report

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Bread and Circuses

The American Famine of 2022 – 23 April 2022 | Reese Report

Meaningless distractions to keep everyone calm while their food supplies are being destroyed. Starvation has been used as a weapon of mass destruction for years.

breaks down the engineered gathering pace.

Preparation increases your chances of survival by 50%. Prep!


Sources and links

2020 Food Supply Attack map:

Bird Flu Has Led to Over 22M Chickens, Turkeys Being Culled in U.S.

France says record 16 million birds culled in flu outbreak

UK ‘sleepwalking’ towards food shortages, farmers warn

From fertiliser to famine: the global food shortage explained

The Global Food Supply is Collapsing: Food Plants Exploding, Farms Set Ablaze, and Millions of Chickens are Being Killed

Source: The American Famine of 2022

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