Bill Gates Admits ‘Climate Crisis’ is a Giant Scam | The People’s Voice

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Gates Has all the Problem, Reaction Solutions

Caught Admitting ‘Climate Scam' – 28 Sept 2022 | The People's Voice

was caught admitting the agenda is a giant scam for the in a newly surfaced video in which he boasts that the term “” has “screwed up people's minds.”

According to Gates, who was speaking to an audience of his inner circle in 2018, wind, solar, battery technology and other renewable energy sources might be fashionable, but they are NOT capable of solving .

As you can see in the video footage, the fact that renewable energy is not actually capable of solving , despite being sold to us as the cure for so-called man made global warming, is hysterically funny for .

Why does he find it so funny? Perhaps because he is making a fortune out of these so-called “” sources and capitalizing on the gullible masses with their “screwed up minds.”

Damning stuff from the father of himself.

So now that we have Gates on record admitting is a scam, how does the unelected world health czar defend his plans to force people to stop eating meat and start consuming his ?

As Joe Rogan pointed out, really shouldn't be lecturing anyone about a healthy diet.

There is of course a clear financial motive to Gates's plan in getting people to consume his fake food, just as there had been with his Covid “investments”. This is the man who admitted he ordered President Trump not to investigate the possible side-effects of the new Covid jabs.

Damning stuff, I'm sure you will agree. But Gates has a history of being – suspiciously – one step ahead of major world disasters. And capitalizing on them when they arrive.

In recent years Gates has been buying up vast swathes of US and world farmland. Last year Gates became the biggest private owner of farmland in the US.

The Microsoft co-founder is considered the largest private owner of farmland in the country with some 269,000 acres across dozens of states, according to last year's edition of the Land Report 100, an annual survey of the nation's largest landowners.

Suspiciously, following Gates' quickfire purchase of the largest stake of America's farmland, food production facilities started burning to the ground. Could the man who “predicted” the pandemic, and was conveniently on hand to capitalize from it, have also “predicted” the ?

If you have been paying attention this year, you will know that the has been the 's experimental territory, where brutal Great Reset policies have been rolled out by a fully bought-and-paid-for government working on behalf of the WEF.

Eva Vlaardingerbroek spoke to Rebel News and explained the connection between and the Dutch government destroying the farmers' livelihoods.

Considering the amount of pain and suffering that ” policies inflict on ordinary people, can they really be justified by the elite who are pushing them on us?

When you remember that four years ago was laughing with his friends about how “” won't even solve the so-called climate crisis, there can only be one possible answer.

is a scam, no matter how you slice it.

Source: Bill Gates Caught Admitting ‘Climate Change Is WEF Scam' to Inner Circle


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