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The Scam of COVID-19

– From The Medicine Man To The Cabbage War – An Analysis Of Medical – 01 Sept 2022 |

Dr. joins and from to provide an analysis of medical and insanity.

Backed by years of experience as a Doctor, Broadcaster, Journalist and Best Selling Author, Dr. clinically analyses and deconstructs the malevolent health agenda installing itself in UK and world-wide. Our discussions highlight the reality of the pharmaceutical industry being used by our government as a weapon of war on the population. Man or woman, young or old, we are all in their cross-wires and, if we value our lives, Dr Coleman urges us all to stand and fight.

“The killing of the elderly started years ago with the murderous Liverpool Care Pathway. And then the United Nations made it easy for governments to kill off citizens over the age of 70. Then DNR notices flourished. Then governments slaughtered the elderly by the thousand with the midazolam murders. Today, in the UK, doctors are legally allowed to kill anyone who cannot look after themselves. If you doubt me, read my article on this website entitled `Have You Been Put on a Death List? The ruling is that anyone who is `mildly frail and may need help with heavy housework, shopping and preparing meals' can be left to die if they fall seriously ill. Check it out if you don't believe me.”

Passing Observations 123

“I don't think we have a health service in the UK any more, it's disappeared it's been destroyed.”

– 27 May 2021 |

Here are my twelve laws of medicine. The laws are taken from my book Coleman's Laws. The book contains the background and supporting evidence for each of the laws.

  • Coleman's 1st Law of Medicine
    If you are receiving treatment for an existing disease and you develop new symptoms then, until proved otherwise, you should assume that the new symptoms are caused by the treatment you are receiving.
  • Coleman's 2nd Law of Medicine
    There is no point in having tests done unless the results will affect your treatment.
  • Coleman's 3rd Law of Medicine
    If the treatment doesn't work then you should consider the possibility that the diagnosis might be wrong. This is particularly true when several treatments have been tried.
  • Coleman's 4th Law of Medicine
    Screening examinations and check-ups are more profitable for doctors than for patients.
  • Coleman's 5th Law of Medicine
    It is doctors, not patients, who need annual check-ups.
  • Coleman's 6th Law of Medicine
    Hospitals are not suitable places for sick people. If you must go into one, you should get out as quickly as you can.
  • Coleman's 7th Law of Medicine
    There are fashions in medicine just as much as there are fashions in clothes. The difference is that whereas badly conceived fashions in clothes are only likely to embarrass you, ill-conceived fashions in medicine may kill you. The fashions in medicine have, by and large, as much scientific validity as the fashions in the rag trade.
  • Coleman's 8th Law of Medicine
    The medical establishment will always take decisions on health matters which benefit industry, Government and the medical profession, rather than patients. And the Government will always take decisions on health matters which benefit the State rather than individual patients. What you read or hear about medicine and health matters will have more to do with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and the Government, than the genuine needs of patients.
  • Coleman's 9th Law of Medicine
    Doctors and nurses know little or nothing about staying healthy. In particular, doctors and nurses know nothing useful about food, diet and healthy eating. (Sadly, the same is true of nutritionists and dieticians).
  • Coleman's 10th Law of Medicine
    There are no holistic healers. There are only holistic patients.
  • Coleman's 11th Law of Medicine
    There is no such thing as minor surgery.
  • Coleman's 12th Law of Medicine
    Some patients will always be treated more equally than others.

Taken from the book Coleman's Laws by .

Rise of the Tyrannical State

Governments around the world are at war with their own people.

The enemy has been identified.

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